Hi! I'm Alyson & the keeper of the blog.

To be honest, this 'about me' section makes me just a tad uncomfortable. A little out of my comfort zone. But, let's just dive in, shall we.

Ever since I can remember I have been a memory hoarder. Taking pictures and writing in journals, you name it. I never want to forget anything!

That's where the blog comes in.

This little space has become a family journal for us and a creative outlet for me.
These days you can find me smooching the cutest blue-eyed baby boy & his Dad too. I am a lucky lady. Here you'll find us talking a lot of about the little moments in our day-to-day that we find inspiring. Our Catholic faith, marriage and parenting to name a few.

This blog holds a lot of memories for our family. I am so happy to share these memories with you.

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