Some how our girl turned 6 months old. You guys, she is just the sweetest little girl. I know I am biased, but she I mean it when I say she is always happy.


She had a slight cold for a couple of weeks and was having trouble breathing. So, she started waking up again at night, but just once and would go back to sleep after having a bottle. Still doing 3 naps, although, I am looking forward to dropping the evening one. She usually wants to go down right when I'm making dinner-which is really hard to manage. She usually takes one longish nap, (1 hour-1.5 hours some days) then the other two will be pretty short. She has been going down around 7 and is up around 6-7a.m.


We made the mistake of trying foods with her while she was sick, poor thing threw up a little because she couldn't breath/got too much food in her mouth. So, we put it off until she felt better. We have since started foods with her, and at first she would make the most disgusted faces. Slowly, we are turning a corner with this girl and food. Grayson is very excited to have her officially join us at the table.

She also got promoted to the walker, and loves it. Once she figured out she could finally move to where she wanted to be, she was sold. She follows us around the kitchen, tries to pull off my bathrobe, takes the kitchen towel off the oven, while she gets free rides from Grayson all around the house. She is up on her hands and knees rocking back and forth. She so badly wants to crawl, and gets super frustrated that she isn't yet


Size 4 diapers (for now) She still fits in to some 6-9 month clothes if they are new, but for most part I've been buying 12 months. Big belly laughs, huge smiles. Hair growing back with a touch of cradle cap. Hands + toys in her mouth at all times.

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