Well, Halloween 2017 has come and gone. Now everyone has moved on to Christmas.. :) Let's do a recap, shall we.
If I'm being completely transparent here, which I do try to do for memory sake, we didn't think we were going to make it out for trick or treating. Grayson had a slight meltdown right as we were getting ready to walk out the door. Still unsure of what or why, etc. But real life here folks with little kids!
But, alas, we made it out the door. I'd say we lasted about an hourish, maybe 6 or 7 houses. Our neighborhood was so cute. Most of the families were out in their driveway's by their fire pits. One house gave us hot apple cider- so nice! Grayson was a little confused that you could take more than one piece of candy. He would take put the pieces back in their bucket and then walk away. Scary masks and dogs barking at the door were a no, too.
Overall, it was really fun. He loved his costume. Will did such a great job. We loved watching him really get it this year. Can't believe Clara will be running around with him next year.

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