Pretty much down to three naps. Usually goes down about an hour after she wakes up for the day. Her morning naps are her longest. She'll sleep for an hour-sometimes a bit longer. Her other two are 20-45 minutes. The evening one is hard to get her down for. She is usually in bed by 7:00-7:15 and is more than ready, especially if her last nap was skipped. She may wake one time, but will go back to sleep fairly easy. Once she's down, she will usually sleep until at least 4:30, sometimes longer, like 6:00. If she wakes up at 4ish, she takes a bottle and goes back to sleep for maybe 2-3 more hours. She is usually on her belly while sleeping and moves around a lot, too.


Pushing, scooting, drooling, smiling, laughing, grabbing, spinning. Just a few adjectives to describe our girl. I mean, you guys, I know Will and I are biased, but we have a conversation daily about how happy she is. Clara is always smiling it seems. Don't even get me started on her cheeks. They get kissed 10,000 times daily. Not sorry at all.

She is a busy little thing, this one. Her brother is zooming by her at 1,000 miles per hour and she so badly wants to be zooming with him. Soon she will. We have predictions on her crawling by the end of the year (which I know is next month.) She will push up on her arms and scoot all around. Does circles and slides all over the hardwood. She just needs to get her knees under her. She will roll back to belly, and belly to back, but she isn't as interested in rolling around too much. She wants the real deal.

She is drooling like crazy still, and now loves to do raspberries, so the bibs are in full force around here. If there is a toy out of her reach, she will find a way to scoot over there and get it. She is constantly wanting to suck on something, and if she doesn't have a toy or her bottle, she will grab your hand and start suck on your finger.

She had her First Halloween and went as a little Ballerina. So cute! Size 3 diapers, big blue eyes. Wearing 6-9 months, 9 months. Once again, it has been so much fun to see these two interact. He can make her smile and belly laugh the most and she is so badly wanting to chase after him. Grabs feet and can now sit on our hip when we carry her.

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