September when the mornings are chilly, the afternoons feel like Summer and the days start getting shorter. Everyone is begging for some cooler temperatures, but man, most of September was just down right hot, even humid some days. We were busy, too. We started off with our first family vacation of four. We finished our fence, thanks to my brother-in-law. We enjoyed some cooler mornings on our deck reading and playing. Most of the time I was putting pants on the kids, only to change them in to shorts in the afternoon. I enjoyed trying a new hobby that I am getting pretty decent at if I do say so myself- homemade bread making! I'm anxious to try sourdough in the coming months. This has been a fun month to see Grayson and Clara interact. I know we are just at the tip of it, too. I am so excited for the coming months of watching these two together.

Hoping we get some cooler temperatures and some pretty leaves on the trees soon! We need to jump in a leaf pile for pete sake. :)


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