There they were. Planning their first vacation as a family of 4. Planning it while their fourth member was still in utero. Planning it while the temperature was 40 degrees and they longed for warmer weather.
There they were, days before leaving for their vacation. Husband wakes up and says he doesn't feel well. Runny nose, chills and fever start. I try to stay positive, but the cold only gets worse. I know what happens in a family when one person gets sick. No matter how hard you try, it's inevitable-everyone is going to catch the same cold.
We arrived Tuesday, and by Wednesday, both kids were congested and very whiney. G ended up having an ear infection, so we spent about 4 hours total at a walk-in-clinic/getting medicine. Clara had a lot of trouble sleeping because of being so congested, so I was up most of the night with her.
We woke up Thursday morning (our anniversary) exhausted. We were debating on what should we do for the day, and when we saw the forecast called for rain all day, we decided to wave the white flag and leave a day early. We were disappointed, of course. But, ultimately, there isn't a whole lot in this life we can control.
Of course, as you'll see below, we did have some fun moments. Thankfully, when we arrived, we drove straight to the beach and played there since that was our only time there! Our Airbnb we stayed at was adorable. We are looking forward to going back to the area, and praying we leave the sickness behind.We also arrived back home to beautiful weather and a yummy dinner at home.











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