The soundtrack of August is cicada's. Our Oak tree in our backyard is almost deafening to be under. When you start walking further away from it the louder the rest of the world gets. Mixed in with the usual humidity we had a few days, maybe a week where it felt not quite fall, but not quite August in Indiana. It was perfect. Clara could be outside comfortably. I thought to myself, yes, this weather year round, please and thank you. Shorts if you want, maybe a light jacket in the evening. Both warm and cold for either iced coffee or and nice warm coffee to wake you up. It truly was wonderful. One by one, parks, libraries, grocery stores- they all get quieter as August ticks on. Summer is ending and we can all feel a change about to happen.

I look through these pictures and I truly feel so grateful for this life. It's ordinary and simple, but dang it is it just great.

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