Clara blows bubbles out of her mouth, smiles all the time, but especially first thing in the morning. Will started giving her a bottle too, and she took right to it. Towards the end of the month she found her voice and started giving us sweet coos. She was baptized in July 29th, 2017 at 6 weeks old. Her rough time of the day is 5pm. She is usually tired then and wants to sleep, but dinner is starting and a certain 2 year old needs some attention. She rarely will fall asleep nursing, unless she has been fighting sleep for a bit, she usually needs to rocked to sleep. She is always swinging her left arm like she is trying to throw a baseball. When she is especially tired, she will get that arm a swinging. Grayson is very eager for her to start playing with him, but what he doesn't realize is they are already interacting. She follows him where ever he is running, always listening for his voice and smiling when she hears it. She has started to use her play gym more and is way more active with it because of her arm swinging skills. Clara is size 1 diapers, 3, 3-6 month clothes. Her eyes are blue and she still has quite a bit of hair in the back, but has lost some on top.

Truly blows my mind how fast it's all going a second time around. Trying so hard to soak it all in.

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