Here we are, already a month old. 4 weeks flew by, just like we knew it would. Frankly it's all going too fast for my liking, but that's life for ya. Here's what she's been up too this month.

-Pushes off of us with both hands when she is laying on your chest.
-Has really great head control
-Doesn't mind the bath and/or getting dressed/diaper changes
-blue eyes for now
-Prefers you standing up.
-lost a little bit of hair on the top
-took a bottle from Daddy
-Loves the baby carrier and sleeps best in that.
-Gets a million kisses from big brother
-Doesn't care for her pacifier, but we are working on it.
-doesn't like to be tired, and if you miss her little window, it takes forever for her to get to sleep.
-rock to sleep
-slept 6.5 hours one night.
-Has a bit of reflux, dairy seems to effect her, so I gave that up, but she still throws up occasionally.
-grunts a lot in her sleep
-Size 1 diaper
-0-3, 3 month clothes

Grayson at 1 Month

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