I owe so much to my camera. It sounds silly, I know. But, without that camera, all of these moments would eventually slip from my memory, no matter how hard I tried to not forget- it would happen. Especially in the weeks following having a baby. The newborn fog, the people visiting, bringing gifts or food. The neighbors stopping by meeting your new little one. The cards, phone calls & text messages. It's impossible to remember it all. So, I'm so happy to have these images and videos to remind myself of this fleeting time.


Watching Will hold our daughter for the first time was a moment unlike any other, He looked at her and just beamed with pride and happiness. Tears fell from my eyes as I witnessed this love. I truly can not wait to watch their relationship grow. I know he will protect her and be the best example of a Godly man. I don't think I could love him more than in the moments he cares for his family with such love and dedication.

                                                                               ^real life^

I've been most surprised at how much Grayson loves his little sister. Each morning, he comes in bed and the three of us snuggle, talk, or play trucks. It's my favorite part of the day. He will lay next to her and just stare at her. He especially loves when she sneezes or moves her arm towards him. He giggles, saying, "she touched me!"- in his sweet little voice. He asks to kiss her all the time. Instead of just one quick peck, he will linger for 5 or 6 more kisses. What a lucky little gal she is.

I have felt my heart shift. To loving these two little people God has blessed us with. I have tried to take it all in stride, having a 2 year old and a newborn. It can get a little nutty around here. I've tried to give more kisses, slow down & not let the messes bother me as much. I try to spend my time wisely, not wasting it on my phone, but playing trucks or trains, reading books, and enjoying a rare quiet moment with my princess. At times, my head feels all over the place with a million check-lists running through it. Adding Clara to the mix has not been as difficult as I anticipated. It's amazing to me how these little babies come into the world and it is like they were there the whole time. 

Looking at Grayson, I know how fast time goes. We are still adjusting to our new family of four, so we do have some rough patches. But, we also have moments that stop me in my tracks and bring tears to my eyes. Those moments get me through the rough ones.

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