May. Where to even begin. Our last month just the 3 of us. Although, this baby is already apart of our family, I know it'll be different when he/she is actually here with us. We had a super busy month with something each weekend besides one. Which made it feel like we blinked and here we are, baby month!

Along with preparing to welcome baby #2, we had another big transition in our house. We switched G to a toddler bed. It's been about 2 weeks and it's been a hard transition for us all. It's felt like we've had a newborn in our house- we all are going on very little sleep. It has been a test in parenting patience to be on such little sleep and to help encourage the transition, but to not push it either. I think we figured it would be a bit of work because he really was fine in his crib and we only moved him because we thought we should do it now rather than when the baby really does need the crib. Talk about a humbling experience to sleep on your toddler's floor at 37 weeks pregnant because they are scared. Hoping we turn a corner soon.

We've spent every moment we can outdoors in the beautiful weather. Enjoyed hanging out with new friends from the Mom's group, too. Here is a little video below of what our May looked like. :)

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