Dear baby,

The countdown is on. I am in that pregnancy phase where I want to meet you, but I'm also loving being pregnant and I know I will miss it. Motherhood is a crazy ride of emotions. I don't think your brother will know what to do with me when I don't have this belly for him to sit on. He is getting excited to 'help' change your diapers and 'help' feed you. You have already filled our family with so much happiness & love- may you never forget the gift that you are.

Just some tid-bits for me to remember:
-Feeling more tired.
-Still doing daily walks
-Have to move a certain way to see Grayson when he comes up to me.
-Belly has dropped a lot.
-Getting a lot of those crazy pregnancy stares people give you when you are this pregnant.
-Super active in there (& head down as of last week, but probably before that.)
-Took my wedding rings off just to be safe.
-For being a little more tired, I really feel so great.

I know this post is a little all over the place, but that's really what my head feels like right now. We are literally giddy at the thought of meeting you so soon. Just so thankful.


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