We are getting down right giddy about meeting this baby soon. So soon!! Now that big brother's room is complete, I've started organizing the baby's room with the help of Grayson. Taking out the baby clothes that he used to wear is just so surreal. I am talking to him about all the fun things he can help do once baby is here (he loves to help) and all the toys he can show baby etc.. I just feel so blessed. Seeing Grayson put the babies Newborn diapers away, I had to fight back tears. We've got one foot firmly planted in toddlerhood, and another foot planted at the beginning of babyhood. It's just amazing. I know I sound like a broken record.

Being pregnant in warmerish weather has it's pros and cons. One, obviously you can spend time outdoors and aren't stuck inside. Which in return helps me keep moving. Chasing a 2 year old doesn't hurt either. Con, being hot and pregnant is just really not enjoyable. Maternity shorts and t-shirts this time around has been fun though!

I really feel great, though. Peeing a lot and I am feeling more tired. I am sleeping and dreaming a lot harder. There have been several times I've been dreaming like I'm being chased and I will wake Will up because I will scream loudly. I don't remember a lot of the dreams, just that I'm getting chased. Maybe that's a good thing! ha :)

Oh, I'm just soaking in these last couple of months. This has been such a sweet, sweet season of our lives. Carrying my children inside of me will hands down be the coolest thing I ever experience.

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