We officially closed on our Illinois house! Can I get an AMEN!

Such a relief to be  closed on that chapter. I totally did a happy dance in the kitchen after we got the phone call that closing was completed.

I do know in relative terms this all went very quickly from the time we accepted an offer to the time we closed. Some days though, it certainly felt as if February 28th would never come. Drama being my middle name.

Moving weekend was so tiring. At first, I felt emotional when I walked in to the house. Seeing everything still there, but we weren't. It was just weird. The emotional side quickly faded when we started packing and loading everything up. We truly don't have that much stuff, but when it's all out in one room for you to see it, you just want to donate it all... or throw it away! :)

So what's in store for us now?

Well, we close on our Indiana home next week. I won't say the city on here, but if you are curious, you can always ask me. :)  Moving announcements coming soon.....
We are very much looking forward to closing on both homes and feeling a bit more settled.

So, how's life in Indiana been? Can you believe we've been here for a little over a month? In some ways it's like we never even left. As hard as the first couple weeks were, it truly felt like the right decision from the start. Will is so happy at his job. It's like night and day when he comes home from work. He has really fit in well and we are so thankful for that. Of course, seeing family more has been really nice, too!

We attended our first Mass at what will be our new church in a couple of weeks. We've heard so many great things about the church and we were not disappointed. The one word I would use to describe it would be vibrant. Everyone singing, full room, and very welcoming.

Grayson, baby & I are all doing well, too. We've all got new doctors lined up and have visited. Each get a stamp of approval. I'm very excited to get in the house and get both kids rooms set up. I will feel such a relief knowing that's done. Next week we are going to go to story time at our new library. It will be so nice to get him around kids his age again. I know he is missing his buddies back in Illinois!

Anyway- lots of good stuff coming our way. The grass is looking greener, the birds are happily chirping more and there's a high of 66 in the forecast for this weekend. Spring, we are ready for you!

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