I would go out on a limb and say most everyone welcomes March. Although the temperatures can drive you mad, we are one step closer to Spring. Our family anxiously awaited March 10th. The date we closed on our new home in Indiana. Coincidentally, the same day we closed on our Illinois home the year before.

March 10th was a sunny day. Our new town welcoming us with this sunshine was like a giant hug- we couldn't have been happier. Will and I immediately got to work since we were kid-less (at least outside of the womb.) We cleaned, painted, and welcomed movers who moved our belongings in. Stuff was everywhere, but we were finally home. We have all adapted really well. Grayson loves his playroom and loves to say, 'New house!' He is at such a fun (& hard age.) I'll probably say that at every age, won't I?  

We have been so welcomed in our neighborhood that I have to pinch myself. Not just our next door neighbors, but neighbors up the street or on a walk. All stopping by to say hello and introduce themselves. Our home sat vacant for awhile, just waiting and waiting for what seems like us. I never realize those 'God moments or God winks' until they've passed. Then I sit down and look back at the timeline of events and realize just how present God was in all of this.   

Our house needs a little TLC, but we welcome that work. Painting, rearranging, planting- getting our hands a little dirty making this house ours. It's got a lot of character that we fell in love with and hope to only enhance that as we go along.

We know we are right where God wants us. 


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