Hello final trimester! I won't say we are in the home stretch yet, because I know the last month of your pregnancy basically feels like 10 years, but we are so close to meeting baby. Will and I are getting so giddy the closer we get. Constantly talking about the baby at night and wondering who is rolling around in there. Gosh, we really feel so blessed to be able to go through this again and to add to our family.

My second trimester was so great. I had so much energy that at times I had to stop and remind myself that I'm pregnant. With the move + organizing, I was probably doing a lot that I shouldn't have been doing (really bad at waiting for help or being told not too.) Will got on me a couple times to sit down and take it easy. Well, the first day of my third trimester it all sorta caught up with me. I was so exhausted that day. I feel better now, but I can tell I am in that final trimester with the aches and the peeing.

Baby feels so low constantly. This whole pregnancy he/she has never used the top of my belly. Always just super snug way down low. He or she will push a body part so forcefully against my stomach that my stomach gets as hard as a rock and I can't move for a couple of minutes. Right now I am up at least once to pee and I have a couple nights here and there where my sleep isn't great, but overall I can't complain. When I was pregnant with Grayson, I would say 90% of people said boy. This pregnancy is all over the place. No one has a good guess.

We have been talking to Grayson about how he will be able to meet the baby soon and all the things they will eventually be able to do together. He will pull up my shirt and say, "Hiii BABBBBY!!!" and then, "KISS BABBBBY!!" We've been telling him he will be able to kiss the baby soon. Just little things to make him somewhat aware that there will be a new person in our family!  

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