Dear Grayson,

You are such a smart and sweet boy. I can't believe I get the privilege of being your Mom. I just absolutely love spending my days with you. I am so tired at the end of the day, but so happy. I know there is no where else I should be. I can't wait to see if you with your brother or sister. You are going to be so excited that the baby comes home with us! I love you!

Dear Baby,

My stomach really popped this week. You give me lots of great punches and kicks in the evening. They are getting stronger and stronger. Do you hear your big brother talking to you? He says hi to you every day. You are so incredibly loved. Overall, I am feeling really well. I get a bit of back pain when we/I drive long distances, but nothing terrible. Getting so anxious to get in our new home and get your room set-up. I know it'll all be fine and you won't even know or care! :)  I love you!

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