I sit down at night, exhausted, but my heart filled to the brim. I start going over the day in my head. Laughing at the funny moments, savoring the sweet ones, and praying about the hard ones. I share these with Will. All while I start noticing little punches and kicks. A smile instantly comes to my face. Hey, little one. The first time all day I've had a moment to really sit down and concentrate on this precious little life.

It is true, chasing a toddler around has made this pregnancy just fly by. While pregnant with Grayson, we would often daydream of what life would be like adding this little one to our family. When we do have a few minutes to talk about the baby, it is often imagining Grayson with his sibling. I feel a deeper love and appreciation for this pregnancy. After experiencing it all with Grayson, I know how absolutely wonderful it all is.

In saying all of this, it is not to compare the pregnancies saying one is more special than the other. Just simply that it's different. Time changes and brings a new appreciation for it all. I am doing my best to remember the kicks and punches while I read Grayson a book. To remember Grayson coming up to my belly and giving baby a kiss with a little pat at the end. To remember the cars driven on my belly. Through the diaper changes, the toddler giggles, the library runs, and the park playdates. I remember that these were all of things we daydreamed about and now we are in the thick of this crazy, beautiful life with little ones.

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