These toddler days can be downright challenging, but yet so rewarding and full of love. I have been really focusing on all the good moments we have throughout the day. No matter how small they may be. When I add all of the good up, it helps to get through those hard ones. Here are a few I want to really remember and hold on too.

I'll be doing the dishes or making dinner and he will be kneeling down either in front of his trucks or with his Legos. All of a sudden I will hear him in this crazy dialogue with himself. Just using his imagination playing with his trucks. Sometimes it makes sense, and sometimes it's just a bunch of rambling. I will spy on him from behind a wall, but the second I make eye contact he stops all his talking.

Before he goes to take his bath, he has to lay all of his trucks down on the side so they can go to sleep as well. He also gets really emotional about it. He will cry saying, "dump truck," over and over again as he is laying them down. Then before we lay him down, he will cry about his dump truck again. Can you guess the first word out of his mouth in the morning? ;)

Remembers everything.. all the little details of what we did that day or something that happened a month ago. If we go back to a house, park or even on a familiar drive, he will remember what we did there previously.

Lately, he has been wanting to be held all the time, especially during dinner time. He will say 'up, up.' Of course, I don't mind one bit.

Usually after nap time or after he eats lunch, he wants to come and sit on my lap. He will put his cheek right next to mine with his arms around my neck. He will squeeze against me so tight. Then he will look at me in the eyes and then in and give me a kiss. On and on for 15 minutes. MY HEART CAN'T HANDLE IT!!

Obsessed with his blue bear, puppy & duck. He will lay on the floor with them and say 'sleep.'

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