The other day Will and I were talking about this pregnancy and baby. I know a lot of Mom's have the feelings of, "how will I love another child as much as my first?" Which I do totally get. Personally though, I haven't had those feelings. The feelings I've been having are I can't believe we are here. Here being our second pregnancy, about to meet our second child. I feel like this stage in our lives of having little ones run around house, with no school, practices, sleepovers etc. is such a short, short period. It feels as if it will last forever because they demand so much out of you. I am trying so badly to hold on to this special stage of our lives and remember it for all it is. Messy, loud, tearful, joys, happiness.

Just some random hormonal thoughts. :)

We've got ourselves a little roly poly. This little one puts on quite the show in the evenings and of course after I eat. Never gets old feeling the baby move inside of you. I am peeing a lot more and I'm already up once during the night to relieve the bladder. I know that number will increase. Overall I am feeling really good. Sleeping has been better given that we are still not in our bed. Soon though, so soon!!

We've really been talking to Grayson a lot about him meeting the baby and getting the idea in his head that the baby will be outside of mommy's belly soon. We aren't planning on doing any sibling courses or anything, but we do want him prepared. I told Will that I think we will have a hard time feeding the baby, changing diapers etc. because he will just want to hold, 'play' with him/her. Not to say that there won't be hard moments, too.

Keep growing baby, and know that we are so anxious & excited to meet you!

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