I've got a couple minutes to spare, so I thought I would give a little update to those who are wondering. Probably no one! :) It's been a week since we moved back to the Hoosier state. So, how are we doing???

Well, I'm trying to find words to explain without seeming like the most dramatic human on the face of the earth. Which, I know, isn't hard for me ;) In short, it's been hard and good. Which we knew we would expect both of those feelings. The first week of Will's job went well, more paperwork and getting to know employees, but overall, he is adjusting to the change and coming back to the apartment pretty tired from the day.

Grayson is doing okay. He definitely knows we are some where new and several times throughout the day will say 'home?' over and over again. Which in turn has made me cry (shock to no one) We have been very careful not to call our current apartment home because it is temporary and I don't want to confuse him anymore than what he is already. For the most part though, he is adjusting to it. He is loving all of the big semi-trucks we see on our walks. Thank you, Lord for some warmer weather down here!

I am doing so, so. I have had several moments where I have had to hold back tears missing 'home' and the comforts we are used too. This move has proven to be a lot harder than any moves before this. Grayson is much more aware of his surroundings and is such an observant little guy that it truly breaks my heart in pieces to see him confused and trying to understand what's going on. I have carried so much guilt about our move, so afraid that we are scarring him by uprooting him from everything he knows. In time I know he will be ok, just hard to see.

& to round out the crew... baby is doing well! Coming up on 19 weeks, with our anatomy scan very soon. Can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by! He or she is rolling around a lot. We are still getting a lot of girl. My acne has totally acted up a lot more with this pregnancy and I seem to be craving sweets when I do crave something. Again, totally different than Grayson's pregnancy. I literally can't lay on my back without being super uncomfortable. It's like my uterus is 500 pounds and I just start breathing heavily. Other than that, I feel good. Getting out and walking has been a total game changer this week.

Didn't I say I was trying to not be dramatic??

It hasn't all been terrible. Like most things in life, there have good moments sprinkled in with the bad. So, overall we are okay and trying to adjust to a lot of new. So much of our living arrangement is temporary and we are literally living out of trash bags. It will be nice once we can get settled into a home.


Our home has had a lot of showings, but no offers yet, so prayers would be much appreciate for the selling of our home.

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  1. Look at you!! I am so proud of you and your family. Such beautiful pictures!


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