For the past few weeks I have been working hard on organizing and printing off our pictures. It is a surprise to no one that I love taking pictures and having these memories of our family. But, what's the point if I don't take care of these memories? I am always so curious of how other families do this in such a digital age. I remember going to the store with my Mom to drop off our film and excitedly going back a few days later to pick up the pictures. My parents have boxes and boxes of pictures of my childhood and even their childhoods. I have always enjoyed looking through these pictures. There is something so special about looking through these now that I have my own family.

In the last couple of weeks, Grayson has loved looking through our photo books and pointing out family members he knows. I've never regretted taking a picture or printing them off, especially now that Grayson is recognizing people. I also know that our picture load is only going to double (!!!) when baby #2 comes. So, here is how we go about organizing and printing off pictures. (is that getting repetitive????- don't answer that.) ;)

1.) Save pictures on a hard-drive.

2.) Save pictures on Amazon drive. (That way, in case the hard-drive crashes, you have the pictures saved some where else.)

3.) Print off yearly photo books. (I split the photo books in to the first six months and the last six months, so that it's not huge.) Shutterfly always has really great deals and the books are very nice, too.

So, I'm curious, how does your family go about picture saving and printing? Am I the only one that is a little crazy about this?


  1. I was totally crazy about this when Landon was a baby and quickly became so terrible at it after Chase was born. Now that Aaron is here, I'm trying to keep on top of it again. But mostly all I've been doing is saving pictures to our hard drive. I was doing Chatbooks for my phone pics but have been frustrated with it lately...maybe one of my goals this year should be to start making photo books again!

    1. Yes! I got super lazy about it at the beginning of the year and got so far behind. Now I'm in that pregnant nesting mode where I'm like, if I don't get on it now, I'll never get caught up! Such a battle. I know once baby comes it'll be me catching up again.


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