I'm in the toddler trenches. Toddlerhood is such a funny little world. I've experienced some of my highest highs as a parent, to some of my lowest lows...all in a matter of ten minutes. Toddlers are so sweet, adorable, and funny, but in a switch of a hat for what seems like no apparent reason, they jerk their heads back with a loud scream and tears that just won't end.

My sweet guy is no exception. I didn't really consider Grayson a full on toddler until 17-18 months. Something changed in his face and demeanor. It all felt so different and foreign than the baby stage. If I'm honest, the last few months have been particularly hard. Of course there as been lots of joy, and happiness and maybe it's just me, but those happy and joyful moments fly out of my brain and I tend to focus on the three meltdowns we had that day.

I just feel like altogether we are in a new phase of parenting. Every decision we make will some how affect him in the future, whether negatively or positively- we don't know. The last couple of weeks in particular Will and I have spent a good bulk of our time researching and discussing a few different things. First being his whining. I know this is a natural phase for his age, but man it's so, so hard. The second being his play environment/toy situation. I plan on doing a separate blog post on this, but we are slowly (& I know a little late to be starting) making a switch to Montessori. Wish I would've done this sooner, because I've already noticed little differences in him. He thrives in environments that aren't overwhelming to him.

Like I said, it's not all bad. There are some really beautiful moments of hugs, kisses, big belly laughs, talking to the baby etc.. It's just new and different. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that parenthood is completely sanctifying.

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