This past Sunday we accepted an offer on our home!!! Of course, we know we still have to officially close on the home, but we feel a huge weight off of our shoulders! I wanted to share some of the listing pictures. I worked my pregnant booty off, all with a toddler running around. It wasn't easy, but the pictures look so good!

The lady who took the pictures did such a great job. So thankful to have such great pictures of our first home. I think I will print these off in a photo book to have to share with our kids. Anyway, we have been searching for homes here in Indiana and are ready to settle in to a home before baby #2 comes!


  1. Congrats! My children have been asking for pictures of our house. When in fact we have the professional photos done already :) they are getting sentimental.

  2. The house looks so good! So happy that the pieces are falling together for y'all. :)


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