We are moving next weekend and we have been doing so much reminiscing about our time in Illinois, but also in our house. I keep saying it's bittersweet, and I know that's cliché to say, but find me another word because that's how we feel to a T.

Linking up with Kelly! & in no particular order.....

1.) Closing on our house. We were so happy on that day. G had just turned a 1 year old, so tiny!

2.) Grayson learning to walk- also, incredibly cute and so funny.


3.) Updating our kitchen- a lot of work, but totally worth it! I will miss this Kitchen so much. Notcing a theme here???

4.) Celebrating the Holidays/Birthdays

Mother's Day 2016

Easter 2016

Will's 27th birthday!

5.) Watching G  push his tractor for forever. I mean he must have logged some serious miles through summer & fall with this tractor.

6.) Our Garden- AKA tomato central. We were still getting tomatoes in November!

7.) Finding out we were expecting baby #2!!

Of course there are a million more I could've added, but these stood out the most. I know I will probably cry 20 more times before we leave, but I also know I will be so happy to be back in Indiana.

"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." -Winnie the Pooh

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  1. Aw, these are wonderful- moving is so very bittersweet. Those before and after kitchen pics are so cool! And congrats on baby #2!


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