Although, I have documented this pregnancy as regularly as I can, I have not yet taken a single picture of it on our actual camera. They've all been on our phones, which is pretty much a camera, right?? Well, I thought 20 weeks deserved some sort of decent picture. So here I am making us all late for church. ;) Not even joking.

20 weeks! Can you believe it? I'm feeling it some days and some days I'm like, "oh ya, I'm pregnant." I don't mean that to sound like we aren't grateful or excited, because trust me when I say we are. Especially imagining Grayson with the baby. Oh my heart could practically leap out of my chest thinking of witnessing that love. We do have a girl name, one we've loved for as long as I can remember, but our boy names are all over the place. We will probably decide as we are driving to the hospital!

23 months & 20 weeks.

Some notable things to mention. This week Will had a vivid dream about our baby being a girl. He says he could see her and her hair. He had a similar dream when I was pregnant with Grayson about him being our son. Will the gender predictor as a profession could be in the near future! This baby rolls around way more than Grayson. I just got a ton of punches and kicks from him. Some times I'll be standing or sitting and the baby will roll some crazy way and it literally takes my breath away. The baby feels like it's sitting lower, too. I have been having trouble sleeping or just getting a good night of rest. But, I think it has more to do with our sleeping arrangement (not sleeping on our bed) and less to do with the baby. The peeing increments have increased, too. Overall I'm feeling good and so anxious to see our baby during our ultrasound!

And to wrap this post up. Here is a comparison of G and baby at 20 weeks. G on the left and baby on the right. (if you couldn't tell already)  

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