Last week was a little crazy because my cravings for the world's juiciest hamburger/ chocolate milkshake came back. I waited a day to see if they would die down, but the next day, Grayson and I had to go on a little date to Wendy's to satisfy momma. It was actually really fun. I also have weirdly enough been craving diet coke (??) This totally baffles me. I've never been a 'coke' or 'pop' drinker, but by golly, diet coke on ice is what baby wanted. I don't even know?

The kicks/punches have been getting stronger, still pretty light in comparison to what's to come, but still earlier than with Grayson. Second pregnancy so far is pretty exhausting. Obviously chasing a toddler around all day was tiring when I wasn't pregnant, but now I have moments throughout the day where I have to sit down and relax for a little bit. So far, we've been getting lots of, 'it's a girl,' comments. Even my Dad noted that something is different about this pregnancy and he thinks it's a girl. So far, we would have to agree.

Grayson has been even more adorable about the baby. Lately, each morning he comes up and kisses my belly while he is giving me a hug. It's so cute. Of course, right after that he starts playing the drums on my belly. ;) Siblings....

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