Each month I ask myself 'how did we get here?' This past weekend you were standing against a pew and you were still for like a minute. But, long enough for me to look at you. Ya know, really look at you. Just trying to soak in every detail of you. I just kept looking at your legs and asking myself, 'when did they grow?' 'how did they get that long?' When you have children, life just goes 10X faster. I truly believe you were always supposed to our first child. You are just so excited for "baby." It totally melts me. Although, I do wonder if you'll be a little bit confused once the baby is out. Like will you continue to point at my belly saying baby?? haha

The past couple of months you've really enjoyed learning about animals. Farm animals, ducks, fish, frogs, squirrels, rabbits, just to name a few. You love to make the sounds they make and hear us make them as well! I've been getting you a lot of animal books from the library and they are absolutely your favorite. You say new words everyday. Today, your Dad said, "oh gosh." and you repeated it right back to him. Some of your favorite words from the last couple of months have been. 'See that,' 'Soap,' 'Sit,' 'Oval,' 'Hop Hop' 'two' and you love to add two in front of another word, so 'two dadas,' two mamas,' 'two babies.' 'Hii Baby,' is another popular phrase.

You still love your trucks. Most mornings, your first word is truck. You get so excited when you get to wear your truck pajamas. Which is a lot, you have multiple pairs. Now, you love to take your animals on a ride with your trucks. You also eat most of your meals with 1 or 2 trucks on your highchair. You love reading. In fact, I think books are your most used toy. Most of the time we have to read the book twice before you can put it down. You love to point out all the animals, shapes & colors you know.

You are such a gentle little one. Don't get me wrong, you are a busy toddler, running everywhere. You have your tantrums as well. But, you have such a gentle spirit. You love loving on your little friends and sharing your toys with them. We've noticed such a big similarity with your shyness or nervousness over certain things. It's just like how your Dad can still be to this day.

Things I don't want to forget, particularly about the month of December. How much you love Christmas lights and scream 'light' when ever you see them. How much you love your duck ornament and everyday you walk up to the tree and lean in to the ornament and say, 'hi duckie' Same goes for you truck ornament. You've shed a few tears over that not being a real truck. Now before bed each night, you lean in and give me a kiss, and then lean in to Daddy and give him a big one as well.



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