Dear Baby,

Here we are at 14 weeks. I am feeling really good. So besides being tired after we put your big brother down for the night, I can't complain. He is keeping us super busy. I keep thinking that maybe that's the reason why I'm so hungry. Chasing after him + providing for you. The other night when we were waiting for Daddy to come home from work, I got so hungry that I put in a frozen pizza and ate three slices before he got home. I was never this hungry while pregnant with your brother.

Around 13 weeks I started feeling little flutters, but this week you've started to give me some bigger kicks and movement. Too light for Dad to feel, but still exciting. I get so giddy at the thought of you. What you look like, what your brother will think of you, how much you will weigh. Of course, we will know all of these things in time, but it's fun to think about. You have blessed us so much already. I am anxious to meet you, but enjoying having you inside of me. I know all too well that time passes so quickly. Soon, you'll be here and we won't remember what life was like before you.

So, you keep telling me when you need more food and I'll keep giving it to you. Just grow baby, grow.

p.s. Do you hear your brother continuously saying hi to you?

p.p.s 14 weeks with Grayson


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