12 weeks with baby #2 this week. Every morning I wake up and look down at this bump forming I say a prayer of thanks. I am showing so much earlier with this baby, but I truly love it. This baby has already made such a presence in our family.

A few things I want to add or don't want to forget:

- When Grayson looks at my belly or we are talking about the baby, he will come over to my belly and say, "Hiii Babbbby."

- I swear I have felt little flutters, but the ultrasound tech said my placenta is in front, and it wasn't like that with Grayson.

- My cravings have died down & my energy is mostly back.

- Lately, I keep having more and more feelings that this baby is a little girl.

- We won't be finding out the gender. Just like we did with big brother.

- I started wearing maternity pants around 8.5 weeks.

- My dreams have been pretty crazy/funny and so vivid.

Here I am 12 weeks with Grayson.

Seems like I took that picture yesterday. I can remember so vividly the feelings of being pregnant with Grayson and I feel like they've only intensified because I know now how wonderful it all is.

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