You know how sometimes the title of the blog is basically what happened. lol

Last weekend we made a quick trip to visit my parents & my brother and his family. It was short, but sweet. We also somehow mixed up Mass schedules Sunday morning after the Cubs won and showed up so late, I was embarrassed to walk in. But, we did go in and we made it through on very little sleep.

I posted something about this on Instagram, but it's worth noting again. Traveling with any number of small kids/kids is hard. You basically uproot them for however long in a place they aren't familiar with. Totally out of everyone's schedules and comfort zones. Am I sounding dramatic? Well, ok, fine, I am. But, it's the truth. It can be so hard. This trip, I was woken up at 1:45 a.m. and when I could tell he wasn't settling down, I went in the room. I could tell he just had no idea where he was and got scared. After I finally got him to sleep, he woke back up 6 their time, 5 our time. Sooo, ya. Everyone was pretty tired. But, my point to this whole ramble paragraph is that despite our very little sleep, it was worth it to make the trip, even if it was just for a night.

Funny note about the pumpkin patch. We got there thinking we would maybe do one of the activities they had. Until we looked at the prices. Holy cow, $17 per person for a hayride, PER PERSON. That's just one example. It was crazy expensive, and certainly not worth it. So, we walked around the pumpkin patch because it was a beautiful day. & that my friends, was totally FREE. ;)

Happy Friday!!

Pumpkin patch 2015

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