Some random thoughts and moments for this Tuesday:

I came home from a photo shoot this past weekend. Will & G were in the backyard. All of a sudden, G comes running through the garage door right at me with the biggest smile. He hugged me for five seconds and then was off again. Busy, busy. I just couldn't get over how excited he was to see me. I'm with him a lot, which I love, but it's nice when I'm away for a couple of hours because it makes us both miss each other apparently. :)

His vocabulary is just booming. Yesterday I asked him if he was happy. He looked back at me with a big smile and said "happy." Now, you'll just hear him walking around saying happy, happy, haappppyyy. 

19 months can be so crazy exhausting. Up early, so much energy throughout the day. I crash on the couch thinking how will we do this all again tomorrow? :) But, then you do. Through the tantrums, through the laughs, through the tickle fights, through the truck playing, choo choo sounds all day long, through the diaper changes, through it all there is such a fierce unconditional love.

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