19 months

Someone turned 20 months last week. So, let's rewind a bit and talk about 19 months.

I can't believe we are here, 20 months. I remember his 8 month update like it was today. It's so crazy how you can miss a stage, but love the one you're in, too.

Grayson is busy, like most toddlers. He is on the go a lot. Running, playing, talking. Constantly asking 'that?" while pointing at everything in a book or on a walk. Which happens to be a couple of his favorite things. He loves walking and being in his stroller. He looks around at the trees and hears the birds chirping and will say 'tweet, tweet.' He also loves to sit and read books but he has to be on your lap.

When he wakes up in the morning he recites all of his favorite words before one of us goes in to get him. He is still an early bird, usually up at 5:30-6. Maybe he is getting us prepped for the arrival of his little brother or sister. Yup, at 19 months we found out G was going to be a big brother. He already comes up to my belly and says 'baby.' Then he lifts his shirt and points at his belly and questions whether a baby is inside of him, too.

He still loves 'rucks' (trucks) and loves to play with them and read about them. If we are outside and one drives by he will say truck over and over again until you say, yes! This month he has really started noticing animals more. Whether in a book or outside. He loves cows & mooos with a lot of power. He also loves ducks, and says 'ducky.' He likes to look at dogs, but really is pretty scared of most dogs no matter if they are super nice or not.

If he needs help with something, he will say, 'help pweease.' He is usually always carrying a truck around with him. He says 'mama and dada' like a question in a very high pitch voice. One of my friends pointed out he sounds British when he says 'mama.'  

If he thinks the food is hot, he will hold is hand over the food and say, 'hot,' even if it's just yogurt. Lately, he has loved using his step stool. I have one in his bathroom and one in the kitchen. The one in the kitchen folds up to be put under the sink and he will walk over and get it out and stand on it to watch us cook dinner or to see Dada pull in the driveway. He also has to dip most of his food in to ranch dressing. ;)

This month he has loved to help build his train tracks and does a great job of adding the pieces himself. He yells, 'choo choo,' so proudly as he pushes the train. We had a rough couple of weeks as he was getting all four canines in at the same time. Seriously, no fun. The bottom two poked through last week and this week the top two are poking through. His gums are super swollen and he is a little more sensitive than usual. He is starting to connect family members and their names. I have a little picture book that we look at and I show him the picture and say their name and then ask him where such and such is. He really does a great job of connecting it.

We got in a bad habit of saying no to him, (which I hate doing) and now he will walk around and say, 'no, no, no.' So, we've tried using different language like, "can you please not do that? etc. We are still getting tantrums, which I know we are in the thick of that phase (please tell me it ends) ha. I try to remove him from whatever is making him upset, if I can, or let him get his emotions out without hurting himself or me.

Some of his favorite foods are spaghetti, yogurt, avocado, bananas, meat, cheese, strawberries, peppers, pancakes, peanut butter and jelly, quesadilla, toasted cheese to name a few. He is in size 5 diapers still, 18-24 month clothes, although 24 month pants are too big.

He is funny, sensitive, curious, stubborn, & sweet.

We love you, Grayson John!

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  1. He is a sweet heRt๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™


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