We have so many weekends of being so busy or traveling that when we are home and don't have any plans, we literally don't know what to do. Will is constantly telling me to sit down, relax and to stop cleaning. Even though we are home, I still feel like I have to get work done. Clean bathrooms, laundry etc. etc... It's such a balance and I'm really trying to work on it. Anyone know of a free maid company??? JKJK

I will always look back on this summer and remember how many times G pushed his John Deere tractor up and down the side walk. We've hiked some serious miles with that thing. Recently, he has loved going down our driveway on it. One of us at the top of the driveway, the other at the bottom. You can see from his face above how much he likes that. Our neighbor suggested we get him some sort of snow plow for the winter. Hmmmm.... :)

We had beautiful weather and we were able to grill out a few times. This is the first year that I am dreading saying goodbye to summer. I usually am counting down the minutes until fall, but having the outdoors as a way to burn toddler energy is something I'm not looking forward to giving up. Toddler cranky?? Let's take a walk. Toddler ripping everything off the shelf?? Let's run outside!

So, all in all, it was a great long weekend. We loved having Will an extra day with us.

& now that I'm thinking about Fall a little bit, a big ol' pot of chili sounds really great, actually. :)

This video is shaky, so my apologies, but just a small video of the weekend.

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