18 months

Can you sense an overall theme in our house? The boy loves his trucks. All types too. He loves his toy trucks and loves to watch trucks go past the house. Last week was a big truck week. We visited the fire station and went to a 'truck show' the park district was hosting. He had so much fun at both places. If you drive past our house, you will most likely see us out front as G pushes his tractor.

It's also been a big month of transition in our family. I started watching two other kiddos three days a week. An older boy and a baby. G is in heaven with both of them. It's really just so sweet to watch them all interact with each other. He walks up to the baby and squats down and says "hi, hi, hi" over and over again. He'll bend down and give her a hug. Just adores her. The two boys are like brothers. They play so well together and are always cracking each other up, giving each other hugs and chasing each other through the house. So, it's been a really great transition. He loves having someone to play with. & one day he will make a great older brother.

Words he says now: Hi, Light, Up, Hot, Hat, Rocco, Truck, Home, Beep Beep, Please, Thank You, Go, Mama, Dada, Baby, Cheese, Uh oh, G sound, Choo Choo

Favorite foods: peaches, avocado, any type of snack, eggs, spaghetti, skillet lasagna, meat, bananas, corn, pancakes, strawberries, bread, peanut butter and jelly, carrots and cheese.

Knows where his hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, belly, and feet/toes are. Loves to point out mama and dada's bellies too.

He loves kids, big and small. When we are at the park, he usually will find one little pal and goes up them and says "hi!" and then gives them a big hug. Such a sweet and gentle soul. Loves to go on walks, runs and bike rides. Loves to help with laundry and now putting away groceries. His gets so serious about it, like don't mess with the rhythm here.

Toddlers come with a lot of emotions, so there are for sure some tantrums being thrown here too. Speaking of throwing, we are in a throwing phase too- toys, food.. you name it!

Some funny things he has been doing, he will see Will pull in the driveway and run to the door and knock on it, when he hears an airplane he looks at the sky and says "up," When you ask him where mama is he point at me, but when you say, "can you say mama?" He goes, "Dada!!" with a big smile! Loves to drop stuff, throw stuff or make a mess and then says "Uh Oh!!"

Size 5 diapers, 24 month onesies & some 18 month tshirts. His eyes are looking more brown as the days go by. His hair is getting a hint of blonde in it, but that could be the sun talking there.

We just love him so much.

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