16 & 17 MONTHS


You are sweet, sensitive, curious, kind, persistent, and a little timid at times. You love a routine in your day. You love to help- 'fold' laundry, put laundry in the dirty basket, 'help' put food away. You observe each and everything we do and then are so great about doing it all yourself!

He points to everything and says this and now points and says this or that. He loves to play peekaboo, especially before bed. His two favorite toys are books and then trucks. The boy could read all day. I love to watch him. He loves for us to read him books, but sometimes he will take it over to the couch and plop it down and flip through the whole thing. It's like he is in his own little world. Trucks, or 'Rucks' as G says it are pretty close second to books. Bonus if it's a book about trucks. He loves all trucks and says it repeatedly until you acknowledge that you saw it too. When he turned 17 months, he really started to get in to puzzles more too.

His favorite word besides Ruck is Dada, of course. He likes to call everyone dada, but he does know who dada is and loves when he comes home from work. He will usually give Will a hug and then pushes him aside so he can stick his feet in Will's shoes. He also loves to say uh-oh. He will usually drop something on the floor and say uh-oh and then pick it up and repeat.

Words he says: This, that, light, cheese, dada, mama, hat, ya, truck, duck, nana for banana. Hi is ya! He loves to cheer himself on. We will say, "good job, buddy," and he turns and claps with a big smile on his face. He learned to give a hug and a kiss. Now he goes up to random kids at the park and tries to give them all a hug. He also loves to blow kisses too!   

I can already see his engineer mind at work when he is stacking his blocks or playing with his ring holder. He has such concentration when he is doing it. Of course the older he gets, the tantrums get louder & longer. This stage is so hard. There is so much he is wanting to tell us, but he can't find the words. He also doesn't like to hear no. ;)

He had his first little trim at 17 months and will probably be needing one again soon. He has 11 soon to be 12 teeth. Wears 24 month onsie, 18 month shirts, 18 month pants. Size 6 shoes, but those will be done shortly. He has blue/green eyes, with a very infectious laugh.

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