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1.) Lately, I have been at such a loss for words for all the people hurting all over the world. There is so much I want to do to help. I have been thinking so much about how I/We as a family can help. I believe it starts in our homes, in our communities, churches, parks, grocery stores. I've been smiling more at complete strangers, and really making it a point to say hello to each and every person I pass. I know these are very little gestures compared to what is truly happening in the world, but it's something, right? Spreading love where you live is a great way to start. Praying doesn't hurt either.

2.) We've been really working with G on understanding praying and who Jesus is. It's amazing how quickly little ones pick up things and words. So, we've been working with him on the sign of cross for our prayers before we eat. It's just amazing to see the look in his eyes--like, yes, you guys are teaching me something new!! When we bring our hands together and say, "Amen," his eyes light up and he brings his together and starts clapping. :)

3.) We've got some house projects to work on this weekend. #1 being painting our garage door. I'm weirdly excited for this because I think it will really spruce up our curb appeal. #HGTV

4.) We are very much still exploring this area and finding new and fun things to do each weekend. After our family run one Sunday, we stumbled upon these two old barns and my heart just couldn't take it. I LOVE barns, especially old red barns. I just think they are so neat.

5.) Ok. Not because I'm interested in playing this game, but what is the deal with this Pokémon game? This week I was on a run with a friend and our babies, we were passing two teenage boys who were looking at their phone and walking down the sidewalk. I yelled to them, "are you two playing that Pokémon game?" You probably already know the answer--of course they were! I just don't get it. Anyone playing? Husbands playing? What's the big deal? Are we all just kids at heart?

6.) A bible verse I am loving:

“The Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.”
—Deuteronomy 31:6

7.) Growing up I had family and friends who were so talented. Maybe they were good at singing, or athletic, or really great at academics--whatever it was, they all had something. I never thought I had a talent to share with people. I'm not sharing this for pity, I promise. It was until the last few months that I realized, photography and taking pictures, that is my gift to share with the world. God gave me this talent. Why did it take 26 years for me to figure this out? I have no idea. I thought everyone could take a picture and so maybe that wasn't truly a talent. So, I'm sharing this with you all because I'm encouraging you all to find YOUR talent. Whether you are 15 or 60, you have a gift to share with the world. Heck, you may have multiple gifts. Find that, learn more about, practice & share your gift. Don't be afraid, God has your back!   


  1. What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing you gift with us here!!

  2. I'm also a sucker for barn pictures...or really any nicely weathered old building. Love the pics. Thanks for linking up!


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