Most of the time, when older than me/elderly people say something to me when I'm out with G, it's in the form of, "Oh, I miss that." or "I miss when my kids were that little." I get that. It's like when you print pictures off or share pictures on social media, you only share the happy ones (mostly). You don't share the ones of you getting up in the middle of the night for 9 months straight. So sleep deprived you're not sure how you just walked down the hall without falling over. You don't record all of the tears and the whining that comes with babies turning in to toddlers. For the older/elderly, they block those out for the most part. They remember the happy times. The times where you laughed so hard you cried. When you could hold your baby in your arms and everything was right in the world.

Our neighbors across the street are in their 60's. Both retired. They just put their house on the market shortly after we moved in. The house they brought all three of their sons home too. Where they were all raised & then probably to them, in a blink of an eye, moved out and started their own families. The passing of time. Maybe this hit me so hard because here we are a young family, just starting out on this journey. Hoping and praying God blesses us with many more children. Just bought our first home. Where, in such a short time, have shared so many memories that we will always cherish.

The wife said to me, "We don't want to wait anymore. We aren't getting any younger and we want to be able to enjoy retirement while we still can." I nodded along with her. Yes, I can understand that. She said, "I've seen my sister loose her husband way to early, we want to enjoy each other." I was almost in tears. I admire their outlook so much.

I don't really know where I am going with all of this. I am by no means wishing this phase in our lives away. I want to be present and happy in each stage of our lives. Because that's exactly what they all are. A phase, a stage. Life moves on. Babies grow up.

Will and I have been together for 6 years this June. We were looking back at pictures laughing at how 'young' we look. Tans have faded because we got a little smarter about applying sunscreen. We have more laugh lines, more bags under our eyes. Each phase has taught us something new. It's been a wonderful 6 years.


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