Those hot summer days are here. Towels hanging out to dry, swimsuits on, kids running through the sprinkler. These are the sights and sounds of summer. Even through the sweat, re-applying sunscreen 1,000 times, and making sure we are all get plenty of water- I am thankful. These hot summer days are what I was dreaming of a few months ago when it was way too cold. So I keep reminding myself that, no matter how hot it gets.

We've been spending a lot of our time outdoors. In various forms of water. G loves the hose and is not afraid of spraying you or getting himself soaked, no matter what he is wearing. He takes the hose and puts it up to his mouth, just like so many children do during the hot summer months. When he first did it, it took me aback. I can't believe I'm in this season of life. It's magical to be apart of.

We usually have some form of sun tea or lemonade being made or consumed. It's a constant cycle, one I love. Our dinners are fresh from the grill- fish, chicken, hamburgers, vegetables. We eat it all up so fast. G loves hamburgers especially. Our tomatoes are about to start coming rapidly. Will has made fresh pico de gio and I ate it all- no shame.

Summer comes and goes so quickly. The days are longer and hotter, but I've already said to Will, "I can't believe it's almost July." Can you? I'm hoping your summer is going well, and your a/c is cool.

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  1. Love all the pictures and happy for all of you and love your blogs❤️


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