Not quite knowing how to word this, but our Memorial Day weekend was great. It feels wrong to 'celebrate' a weekend we are supposed to be remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I think in the coming years, we will make it a point to head to a local cemetery and pray over those soldiers buried there. I want to make it a point to explain the significance of this weekend and why we really have a 3 day weekend.

At the beginning of the week, the weather looked terrible- It said rain everyday. We had planned to have a little party on Sunday with friends as a sort of memorial day gathering/ welcome house party of sorts. We kept teetering back and forth on whether or not we should cancel it for a better day. It wasn't until Friday that we looked at the weather and the chance of rain was only 20%, so we went for it!

So happy we did because it was beautiful! Will grilled out and everyone pitched in with a side, dessert or a yummy salad. Kiddos swam and ran around, and then towards the end they each started to slowly have meltdowns. It's so funny how when one starts, they all follow suit. Who knows, this may be our yearly tradition?

^waving bye to the 'schoo' busses for the summer^

^momma's overalls when I was his age^

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