A little late on posting this, but like I've stated on here many times, better late than never!

We really wanted to do something fun, so we planned a day in the city on Saturday. The beach + the zoo, what could be better? We don't make it to the city nearly enough, but G is at an age where he can really appreciate it and sorta knows what's going on more.

On the way there, already too far to turn around, I turned to Will and told him I had forgotten to grab the camera. Major bummer & both of our phones were very close to dying. But, we were able to snap a few pictures to remember the special day! We decided to drive since we would be able to park in one spot and walk to both locations. First we went to the beach. It was the perfect day, warm + the water felt so great!



It took G a little bit to warm up to the sand and the water. He loved the sand a bit more, so we did our best attempts at building sand castles and letting him play with the different textures. The beach was so lovely & clean. There were lots of families early in the morning, which was nice as well! Already looking forward to our next trip.

   The Zoo is free to get in, so I guess I just wasn't expecting a whole lot? I'm not sure why. We were totally shocked. It's so beautiful, with big mature trees, and clean too! We were able to see all of the animals, and it seems G loves the sea lion area the most and the giraffe scared him, a lot. They sell beer and ice cream, what more could you want?

He actually fell asleep in the stroller walking to the car, that's how tired he was.


On Sunday we just relaxed around the house & grilled out. It was a beautiful weekend celebrating our favorite guy! We love you, Will! So thankful for the Dad you are to G and look forward to all the years I get to watch you being a Dad- it's so special.

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