15 months

Warning: This is long. :)

I think at every stage I have said you are busy, but I take those back and put it all on this stage. You are busy and on the go. You are really starting to put together a lot of sentences we say to you. "Can you get your shoes?" "Where are Mommy's keys?" "Can you sit on your butt?" "Want to go outside?" "Can you get in the stroller?" "Where's your hat?" To just name a few. You are starting to put a lot of actions together too & you LOVE helping or love being given a task to do. You love to help with laundry and think it's so fun when we use the laundry shoot. You walk each item in to the laundry room and place it in the dirty clothes. You get so focused on this task that if anyone interrupts you, you get upset. You love to help clean up your toys and we have started doing that with you most nights.

Your favorite toys are trucks/cars and books. You line all your trucks up on the couch in a straight line and move them all around. You love ALL types of trucks that go by the house. Mail trucks, UPS trucks, regular trucks & school buses. You know the sound and say "Ruck?" and watch it closely as it goes by. You love for us to read you books and you love to flip through them too. This has been so fun, even if we read the same one 30 times in a row. If we ask you to go get one of your favorites, you know what it looks like and you can pick it off the shelf yourself. You love flap books, books with different textures and of course, books with trucks. You do love to throw and play with balls too!

This month, you really started to notice music. Anytime it comes on you nod your head and tap your feet really fast (like in the video below). You love to dance with mommy while she is making dinner. You giggle the whole time. We have a small airport in our town, so we have a lot of smaller planes that fly by, and you love when they fly over our house. You point up to the sky and look at us. We've been working on knowing body parts. He can point to belly, head, toes, mouth, nose, eyes. The whole head region is funny because I'll ask him, "where's your nose?" and he will just point to his head, and sorta of move his finger slowly to his nose.

He knows 9 words: mama, dada (your favorite bc you call mama dada most of the time.), truck 'ruck', this, yes, hat, hot, 'schoo' school bus, 'irds' birds & 'ressed' dressed. For the most part you are a pretty good eater. You can get a little finicky with fruit. One day, you'll love strawberries and then the next day, you spit it out like you never liked it. When you don't like the food, you start putting it in your cup holder on the high chair or just throwing it. We've started doing more snacks like goldfish, and even some healthy fruit drinks out of a straw. You love being in the kitchen with us and opening all the drawers. You still take out all of the tub aware and put it around the house. Most days I'll open up some drawer and you've put your little people cars in some pot or strainer.

Your personality can be sensitive, but you are SO sweet. You share your toys so well, and never try to steal your friends toys, even if they do it to you. Your usually the first one to offer it to them. You can get upset though if you really like the toy your playing with and someone tries to take it from you. You are still getting used to our neighbors golden retriever. She is super sweet, but her bark scares you, and you always start crying. You really are not a morning person, and while waiting for your milk, you usually end up in tears because it's taking too long. You are tough, too. You've taken some hard falls and have gotten right back up. You love interacting with big kids. When they run by you or start laughing, you just stare at them with such amazement. Most of the time you like interacting with adults, unless they get right in your face, then you can get a little shy.

You love to be outside, especially on the cooler summer days. Playing in the dirt, watching Daddy mow, going on walks to the park, going on bike rides & runs, throwing the ball & playing in the water. You love helping us water plants and follow behind one of us to splash in the water bucket. You are ticklish around your neck and belly, and I usually get you while I'm changing your diaper to make you laugh and forget about what I'm doing. ;) You now know what we mean when we say, "let's change your diaper and go get dressed." You are 50/50 on both of those. Sometimes you smile through it, other times you scream and cry through it.

You wear 24 month onesies, 18 month pants. Size 5 diapers. You are working on your bottom two molars, so you have 9 almost 10 teeth. You have been in a lot of pain with these and NEVER let us see inside of your mouth. Most of the time you still take 2 naps, but we are sssslllllooowwwwllllyyyyy trying to transition to 1. However, you still wake up early, which really effects the 1 nap. We usually start hearing you talk at 5-5:15, but we don't go and get you until 6am. So going from 5-12p.m. is a long time and you usually are ready to crash by 8:30-9 & then take another nap at 1:30-2, depending on when your first one was. You still love your milk and take it out of a specific cup. This summer, I've been having to add pedialyte to your water because you didn't want to just plain water.

A couple funny quirky things, you don't like your bare feet to touch anything without your shoes when we are outside & if the changing table is in the stall, and I go to close the door, you always start crying, even though I'm right there.

You are just so sweet, fun, happy, learning something new everyday. We just love you so much!

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