I realized this weekend I never updated the blog on Mom since her surgery. The doctor told us it would be about an hour. It ended up lasting 2.5 hours. We were getting a little worried, until a nurse came out and told us everything was fine, doctor was finishing up and would be about 15 minutes. So, when we finally met with the doctor after the surgery, he told us the bones that showed up on x-ray and MRI's were in worse condition and he couldn't use them in the repair. So, he had completely rebuild the hip. Since surgery went longer, Dad was the only one that saw her that night. She was in really good spirits when we facetimed and was just happy to eat. She ended up being released the next day because she passed both of her physical therapy sessions. So, since being home, she is working hard on her exercises. She has her good moments, but she also has her moments of a lot of pain, sore, uncomfortable etc. So, continued prayers for her recovery.

So, the day of Mom's surgery, we were trying to figure out what to do with the boys to keep them busy since we obviously couldn't wait at the hospital with them all day. It was sunny, but really humid that day, so we decided to head to the Zoo. Mom encouraged us to go as well. It was not easy not being with her before she went in, but I knew I was where I was supposed to be and really felt at peace about the whole day. We had so much fun and enjoyed seeing the boys together at this age.



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