A couple of weeks ago, G and I went on a picnic at the park. We played around at a new-to-us park and worked up an appetite. As were sat down to eat, kids from a pre-school were set out to play and G was just amazed at all of them running around us. He sat there and stuffed his sweet little face with strawberries with a look of awe. After we ate, we packed up and set off on another adventure. We sort of stumbled upon our own little 'splash pad' so-to-say. As soon as he put one foot in the water, I knew he was going to get wet, but I didn't mind. I was excited to watch him explore. It was an afternoon for the books and I'm so thankful I get to have moments like this with him. Memories I will cherish forever. 

^he loves little dogs^


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  1. 12-18 months really is the best age! Enjoy it :)


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