Mother's Day weekend started off with a park date with my two boys on Friday. What could be better?
It was so gorgeous out. This is one of the three parks that are super close to our house. We like to come here when we want to get a longer walk in.

Grayson loves to climb to the top and go down the 'big' slide!


Then on Saturday, we went to our local class A minor baseball game. They are about 10 minutes away from us. It was so fun. We sat in the outfield grass area and stayed for 6 innings, which is pretty good with a baby!

Sunday morning I was greeted by my boys with breakfast in bed. You know he sat there like that for all of 10 seconds it took to snap these two pictures and then he was off.

I know I only post the happy pictures on here, and the happy moments we share. There are a lot of those, but there are also hard days too. It may come off like we have this perfect little life with this perfect child (or maybe it doesn't, who knows?) but, my point is, we don't. Far from it. I can't even begin to tell you how many meltdowns and tantrums he had on Sunday alone. I don't blame him, not being able to tell us how you feel is probably really hard. 

Being a Mom is the most challenging job I've ever had. It pulls you in so many directions emotionally, you know you'll never be the person you were before parenthood. Some days I don't know how I'll make it to the next, other days my heart could burst at the love I feel. I don't understand it half the time. I know it'll keep changing and evolving as God-willing we have more children.

It's so hard and frustrating at times, but, I wouldn't change it for the world. I'll take all the hard days, because I know it's a gift and privilege.  

& Just for fun because I am such a sucker for pictures like this.

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