Last year I reflected a little bit on my vocation as a Mom. So much has changed since then. When I look back on that time, G and I were still getting to know each other. I want to remember this season of life before time pushes forward and things inevitably change again.

So, Motherhood right now is:

-Early mornings, up usually before or as the sun is rising.
-Hearing G on the monitor.
-Breakfast as a family each morning.
-Picking up thrown food on the ground.
-Sweeping 5-6 times a day.
-Letting him take out each piece of tub aware.
-Pointing at all the school busses as they go by.
-Pointing at each light in the room and watch as his face lights up as well.
-Lots of screams, squeals and belly laughs.
-Tired eyes.
-Moments of frustration.
-So much prayer for guidance.
-Feeling like I'm constantly saying 'No' when I want to be saying 'Yes.'
-Feeling so incredibly grateful to be home with him each day and watch him grow.
-So many diaper changes.
-Praying for the future.
-Laundry each day.
-Outside any and every chance we get.
-Amazed at how quickly he picks up on words.
-Seeing myself or Will in him.
-Amazed at his curious personality.
-Hand holding as we walk.
-Park playing.
-Morning book reading.
-Trying to get kisses or a hug from him.
-Thankful for playtime with friends.
-Hard to get through Mass with him.
-A loving and supportive husband.
-Constantly trying to stay in the moment.
-Trying to soak in every second.
-Loving the bond that both Will & I have with G.
-Hoping I'm setting a good example.

Last year, on my first Mother's Day, I felt like I joined a really cool club. But, I was still getting my feet wet so to say. Although, I appreciate having a day set aside where we thank our Mom's in whatever form they may be in. I know that on that day, my vocation as a Mom doesn't stop. I don't sit in bed all day while Will fans me with a big leaf. (A nice picture though ;) )  I will still change diapers, do the dishes, and probably even laundry. Not because Will is a terrible husband, quite the opposite actually. I do it because I know all of these things are a privilege. As tedious and time consuming as they may be, my vocation as a Mom is a gift from The Lord.

Changing diapers means my child is healthy and we have another diaper to put on him. Doing the dishes means we have food to eat, and doing laundry means we will have clean clothes on our back. Of course you can catch me complaining from time to time about these things. I am human. But, I try to quickly remind myself that these are gifts many people don't have. Like I said above, I'm trying better to live in the moment and this is the season of life we are in.

I am so thankful God saw me fit to be his Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mom's!

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