I had the lovely duty of watering the garden while Will was gone for 2 weeks. It doesn't sound that bad, right? Well, we only have one water hook-up in the front and our garden is, you guessed it, in the back. So, you have to drag the hose through the garage, again doesn't sound that bad. But, I had to do this while carrying G. I know, I know first word problems.

The first few days I powered through it. I am a woman, I gave birth, I can do anything. By day 3 I was praying for rain. JUST GIVE ME ONE DROP! Nope, 70-80 degrees all while he was away. Again, really lovely. By the weekend I thought for sure everything was going to die. I even emailed Will telling him that we would have to replant everything. Which made all the work I put into watering basically worthless.

UNTIL, Will got home and looked at the garden. He informed me that we have lettuce growing, beans, tomatoes etc. I couldn't believe it! I'm still so excited about the garden. Can't wait to see what grows well and even what doesn't!

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