I know I have shared a few of these on a previous post, but I wanted to share a few more and the story behind this flower field. While Will was in Europe a 'couple' friend of ours came over to help while he was gone. Her husband mowed the lawn, and she came with their 10 month old. So G and her baby played for a bit, while I got some random tasks done around the house. It was so incredibly nice.

Anyway, she showed me these pictures of her daughter in this beautiful tulip field. She was telling me how pretty it was and how everyone stops to take pictures of it. At first, it didn't cross my mind that G and I should go and see it. It was so close to us and such a beautiful day! So, I texted her for directions and off we went.

This huge field of flowers just pops out of no where. It's so beautiful. There are a ton of tulips, but also lavender and some other flowers I'm not familiar with. It's directly in front of this home. I wish I knew more of the backstory, but the house is beautiful as well!

The field gets a ton of sun, so not much shaded area for great pictures. I actually took all of these really quickly so G wasn't in the sun for that long! Hoping to make this a tradition and looking forward to showing Will!

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