A few weeks ago, we bought the spray paint we wanted to use on the shutters we have in the front of our house. Well Mother's Day weekend I decided to tackle this project while G was napping. We only have four shutters, so it was actually pretty easy.  

This picture below is what they looked like BEFORE. They were a brownish color. The sun had faded them a lot, but they are in really great shape, just needing some TLC. When I took them down, I made sure to wipe them all down. The front and the back side.

I did two coats on each shutter. After 1 coat I noticed a huge difference, but I did 2 just to be on the safe side.


I hope you can tell the big difference in these pictures. It can be tricky to get what the actual color looks like. I'm blown away by what just two cans of spray paint can do to upgrade your home and boost your curb appeal. Do I sound like an HGTV ad???? GOOD! :)

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