This week, we found two baby birds in our backyard. At first I was nervous that they fell out of their nest or they were abandoned. So, I texted Will what I should do from inside the house, as I'm texting him, I look up and see the Mom come and feed both of the birds some worms. This isn't the first time I've seen a bird being fed, but man, I was just so amazed by this. I was even able to show G what was going on as well.

We've had incredible weather all week. Sunny and 75. We've gone on countless bike rides, park dates, picnic dates, and grilled out for dinner! When we haven't been outside, I've been working on organizing all of our pictures on our computer and hard drive. I'm working on getting a better system, and deleting a lot of duplicates + just overall bad ones. I'm almost embarrassed to admit how many I've deleted so far. Really trying to get on top of it so I don't get this far behind again.

Looking at the birds eating.

I taught G how to blow dandelions and he is fascinated by it, but hasn't quite mastered his blowing yet. In fact, he stared sticking it in his mouth thinking he was blowing it.  

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